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In order to have a clean and safe Jacuzzi® hot tub you must maintain it regularly. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Regina offers a wide variety of quality chemicals to keep your backyard oasis running smoothly.

ProClear™ Spa Sanitizer

ProClear™ Spa Sanitizer

Exclusive to Jacuzzi® hot tubs, ProClear™ Spa Sanitizer offers hassle-free maintenance that leaves your water clear and odour-free.
  • Uses trace elements of silver to kill more bacteria than chlorine alone
  • Designed to work with existing Jacuzzi® hot tub filtration systems
  • Uses Controlled Release Technology to ensure ideal mineral levels and leaves no stains behind
Spa Marvel®

Spa Marvel®

Spa Marvel® is an enzyme based spa-water treatment and conditioner. Spa Marvel® keeps your Jacuzzi® hot tub as environmentally-friendly as possible by eliminating the need for many of the chemicals used in most spa-water treatment techniques. One bottle of Spa Marvel® treats any 500 gallon Jacuzzi® hot tub and can last up to three months with regular use.

Spa Marvel® is an ideal product for those who:

  • Are sensitive or intolerant to chemicals
  • Persue an environmentally-friendly lifestyle
  • Aren’t available for constant spa maintenance
  • Have a difficult time with traditional spa treatments


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